Breathe Tenerife Lifestyle retreat

Breathe Tenerife Lifestyle retreat

A personalized lifestyle change retreat

21st – 27th May

We offer ‘Breathe Tenerife’, a unique retreat experience designed to ‘reflect and revive’ – by offering:

  • life coach consultation
  • personalised nutrition consultation
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • breath work
  • activities in nature

The 5-day intensive retreat will help you reconnect to the things that matter most to you and make realistic plans to follow your purpose in the years ahead. We’ll help you create healthy habits and skills – and make them stick!

How often have we longed to change our current situation but been disempowered by negative beliefs and that supercritical voice in our head!?

Who are we?
The Breathe Tenerife retreat is a collaboration between Zenerife, Elska Organics and the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health. All three have made significant lifestyle changes and inspire others to do the same.

Zenerife (

WaterfallRob & Kim moved to Tenerife 2,5 years ago to live their lives according to their needs instead of what everyone was expecting them to do. They now dedicate their time to their online businesses, their son Tom, enjoying nature, learning new things and coaching others. Rob is a life coach ( with specialties in habit changing, breath work and NLP. Kim is a life style coach, marketing strategist and yin yoga enthusiast.



Elska Organics ( 2018-03-09 om 14.06.49
After a decade based in the city, the frustration of hardly seeing each other because of work commitments started to wear on Steppi & Kerensa. They decided something had to change – drastically! They moved to Tenerife to start an organic B&B in the mountains where they teach people about healthy food, give yoga classes and just simply let people enjoy the nature around them.

RichardIrish Institute of Nutrition & Health (
Richard is founder and director of IINH with over 40 years of experience in personalised nutrition and education. Richard has a profound knowledge about nutrition and health in general and helps people to improve their health on a daily basis.



Next to inspire you we truly want to help you in getting more in touch with your inner self, having a more balance body-mind connection and enhance your own quality of life.

Who is it for?
This retreat is basically for everyone that wants to change their lifestyle and plan for their future themselves. Due to the diversity of coaches present in this retreat we can guide you through all important aspects of life. It doesn’t matter if it is health, work, relationships, personal growth or any other item you want to work on, you will be in good hands.

Where is it?
The retreat will be given in the beautiful surrounds of Elska Organics on Tenerife ( Drawn back in the mountains of Tenerife overlooking the sea and rural grounds, lies the organic B&B of Elska. This is the perfect place to unwind, connect with nature and focus on your personal development. The accommodation includes a yurt, caves, a yoga platform, swimming pool and a casita. There’s a communal kitchen at your disposal.

What does this retreat include?
What you can expect is a highly-personalized program that focusses on both body and mind. Below you’ll find a list of the activities that we will incorporate. If your needs are more specific towards one item, we’ll make sure to pay specific attention to that.  During this retreat, you will be coached to craft your own lifestyle changes and to develop the courage to take the first steps. New healthy habits, a plan and the accountability of the group will optimize your progress going forward. Before the retreat, we will contact you with a questionnaire to discover your expectations and goals. We will ask you to prepare an exercise so we can customize the experience to your needs.

Depending on your needs the retreat can include:

  • Connect with a deeper sense of purpose, giving you a clear direction and motivation
  • Grow your confidence and find the courage to take you to the next level
  • Creation of your own personal vision document to be used as your “inner compass” in order to have a more balanced life.
  • Based on this personal vision document create a plan to achieve goals that are in line with your purpose.
  • A tailor-made nutritional advice given by certified nutritional specialist under the supervision of one of Ireland’s well-known nutritional specialists
  • Vipassana meditation techniques and daily practice
  • Daily yoga morning ritual
  • Creating a personalized (morning) ritual tailored to your specific needs & goals
  • Breathing workshop to learn to influence your mind through your body. Special attention will be given as well to how our nervous system works and how it can be influenced.
  • Outdoor activities like a silent walk through the beautiful and rough landscape of Tenerife that will replenish both body & mind
  • Healthy, organic & vegetarian meals and daily refreshment of fruits, vegetables and other essentials in communal kitchen.
  • As nutrition will be a key focus during the retreat, one of our goals is to inspire and encourage you to create healthy meals at home using the best ingredients. So – two of the evening meals will be planned, prepared and cooked by you!

Before the start of the retreat we’ll have an introduction session to get to know you and your expectations about the retreat. We’ll ask you to prepare an exercise so we can customize the retreat to your needs. During the retreat, we’ll start each morning with a morning ritual to energize your body and build mental strength. Each day will have either a group session or activity. Our daily group sessions will challenge you to rediscover yourself. They are designed to guide you through your (negative) beliefs and connect with who you really are. Your personal vison about the future and a plan to make it come true will be the outcome of these sessions. Our nature activities are designed to let you connect with nature and reflect. At times, they will be challenging and stretch your comfort zone in order for you to explore your capabilities and learn. During the retreat our coaches are daily available for personalized 1 on 1 coaching. Our coaches all have their own specialisms and interests and are dedicated to guide you in your self-exploration. Every day will be closed with a meditation session based on the Vipassana techniques.

Health will be a key subject throughout the whole retreat as we believe it is essential for a balanced way of living and inner growth. Next to the daily yoga sessions and nature activities, healthy, organic and vegetarian dishes will be served during 4 evenings. The communal kitchen will be filled daily with all sorts of fresh vegetables, fruits and essentials for a healthy meal. As nutritional change is also part of this retreat, you’ll be encouraged to create healthy meals and learn which ingredients to stock in your kitchen at home.



  • The retreat includes 5 full days and starts on the 21st of May until the 27th of May. The first day is the day of arrival and the program will start at 5 p.m.. We will finish the program together at night on the 26th so that everyone can leave on the 27th according to their own time schedule.
  • The price is 700 euro for a shared accommodation and 900 for single accommodation and includes everything except for the transport from the airport (30 euro per ride which can be divided by the amount of people present) and flights.

Interested? Please fill in this contact form and we will contact you asap!

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